The Unspoken Truth About Being A Girl Who Loves Makeup

Let the artist inside me shine…

Gaby Zedan
2 min readMar 17, 2021
Photo By: Gabriela Zedán

No, I don’t wear makeup because I am insecure about myself.

No, I don’t wear makeup because I want to impress the people around me.

No, I don’t wear makeup because I am hiding something under it.

I wear makeup because I like it.

Isn’t that a good enough reason? In this day and age, I am so used to hearing comments like; “You wear too much makeup” And honestly, So what if I do?

Let me tell you a little story. During my freshmen year of college, I got to share a room with one of the most amazing people I know. We bonded through our passion for makeup artistry and our aspirations in life. Every morning, my roommate would create these incredible landscapes in her eyelids. I’m talking BOLD looks that would undoubtedly make you look twice. A month after school began, I was approached by a classmate and was asked to tell my roommate to please “stop wearing so much makeup”.

Excuse me, what?

Were my exact thoughts. As of words, I was left speechless.

In that exact moment, I realized that not everyone understands. Not everyone sees the power of makeup. By that, I am not talking about the breathtaking before and after transformations we are so used to seeing on social media. I am talking about the literal empowerment you feel when looking like a boss lady with a sunset on your eyelids.

So what if I want to do my makeup everyday?

Why is this so wrong? In the end, If it will make me smile brighter, It can’t be that bad.

*Note, I am not smiling brighter because with makeup a guy will think I am cute.

I am smiling brighter because this morning, I didn’t screw up my winged eyeliner! I did an awesome job at creating my winged eyeliner.

Why is there this huge stigma that you shouldn’t wear “too much” makeup? No one ever told Picasso to chill on the amount of colors he put on his paintings. The only difference is he used a canvas and we are using our face and bodies. Well ladies and gentlemen, my face and body is my canvas and I dare you to tell me otherwise. Since when was showing off what you love to do a sin?



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